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The Homewood Suites by Hilton Fort Smith are the perfect home away from home, located at the entrance to FortSmith Regional Airport. The HomEWOOD Suite by hotel is an eco-friendly hotel for long stays, offering a wide range of amenities including a spa, fitness centre and gym. Just a short drive from the airport and located in the heart of downtown, right on the corner of Main Street and Main Avenue, the home side of the city, it is perfect for a home away from home.

Suites offers a wide range of amenities including a spa, fitness center and fitness center to get your day off to a good start, as well as an outdoor pool and a spa and fitness center.

The property also features a full-service restaurant, a fitness centre and fitness facilities, and an outdoor swimming pool. The Town Club, in one of their new endeavors, is a multipurpose building in the historic downtown Fort Smith. With Miss Ellie's Coffee, a local beverage company, they offer coffee, tea and everything you need from breakfast to lunch and dinner.

Total Self Storage was founded in 1999 and offers air-conditioned units in Fort Smith, Arkansas, as well as a variety of other locations throughout Arkansas.

A & P is working on a hashtag to be released soon to help compile a list of stores and restaurants into a "sort of list," Legris said. Right now there's no word on what they're going to do in the foreseeable future, but Fort Smith has been working on a lot of things to promote itself and things like that. We are moving from a focus on getting people in the city to buy locally and supporting small businesses like restaurants to a focus on getting the attention of people from the city and the state who have forgotten to visit our city.

We are looking for anything that could help, everything from a program that can help us keep employees on our property.

The GreenPointe Shopping Center is an upscale shopping platform with a large number of restaurants, retail stores and office space. The first floor is home to the First Security Bank of Arkansas, which is located on the second floor, as well as several other companies.

Fort Smith took in $920,247 in 2017, compared with $9.5 in 2018, according to the Arkansas Department of Economic and Community Development. This 150-room, 8-story hotel is located in Little Rock, which features a variety of restaurants, retail and office space, as well as a large shopping mall. Despite being named Choice International Inn of the Year in 2010, they have held the Certificate of Excellence for four years in a row and are rated 9.5 out of 10 on TripAdvisor. Although the Hampton Inn in Fort Smith is one of the best hotels in the area according to Tripadvisor, it is not among the top 10 hotels in Arkansas.

Lgris said his ministry had to have $75,000 in a reserve fund, but now it has $350,000 in that fund.

The Fort Smith A & P office is closed to the public, but there is always someone there to answer phone questions, Purvis said. Van Buren A.P. "s office, like the FortSmith A / P office, has been hit harder than any other office in the state in recent years because of its location near the Arkansas State Capitol, he said. He said he had spoken to the senators and asked them to make sure there are no other issues to address, such as staff shortages in the office or other issues.

Several prominent hotels in northwest Arkansas have closed because of concerns about the virus. The Fort Smith Convention and Visitors Bureau is one of the largest hotel operators in the state with more than 1,000 employees. Some hotels closed their doors, but many, if not all, operate with skeletons of staff and low occupancy, he said. It depends on hotels how they finance their budgets, and some hotels are closing because of a lack of staff, according to the Arkansas Department of Tourism.

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