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JustKids organized its third edition of Unexpected, bringing together some of the world's most renowned artists to create a larger than life experience in Fort Smith, Arkansas. A group of international street artists has landed in the city of Fortaleza for the first time in their careers. To bring urban and contemporary art to northern Arkansas in ten days, nine artists will paint murals, perform video projections, create indoor and outdoor installations, and paint murals in various locations.

The hope is to boost economic development by bringing international artists to Fort Smith, "said director Claire Kolberg. The Mural Festival was a resounding success and 64 / 6 Downtown plans to repeat the international festival in the future as they move forward with other projects to revitalize the downtown area. More than a challenge, creating public art in downtown Fortune is an opportunity to do ambitious and meaningful work and showcase incredible artists on a larger-than-life scale.

The AAUW has started a sketching class and the Grand Avenue mural was completed with the help of the Fort Smith Arts Council, the Arkansas Arts Commission and local artists. If you're in FortSmith, you can get a copy of our printed map of all the murals and drop by to see what you missed. The list of activities and places to eat and visit is perfect for a weekend trip to Fort Smith.

Welcome to the Fort Smith Arts Council, the Arkansas Arts Commission and the Arkansans for Arts and Culture (ARAC).

The museum contains numerous exhibits, displays and artifacts that tell the story of Fort Smith, its culture and art and cultural history. The unexpected exhibit can be viewed by art lovers from around the world, along with photos of friends who have visited FortSmith. It is a walk that also includes an event room that will be transformed into a brewery and an art space, as well as an art gallery.

The idea for the art festival originally came from Fort Smith-based entrepreneur Steve Clark in 2014. He and his wife, Jennifer Clark, developed and produced a nonprofit organization focused on revitalization projects in downtown Fortune. They found the inspiration for their creation, called Argon, and founded it to promote creative space design in the area, Clark said.

It is also a celebration of the history, culture, art and culture of Fort Smith, as well as the economic development of the city.

Brazilian cowboys dancing at their harvest festivals capture the unmistakably cross-border spirit of Fort Smith. Maser created a three-dimensional sensory immersion through an interactive installation of neon, sound and tapes. The artwork features locals, including an African-American woman who is a local business owner and a World War II veteran who worked in a feed factory until he retired.

If you have ever visited the area, many Arkansas residents would tell you about the famous restaurant tucked away in the heart of Fort Smith, just a few blocks from the Arkansas State Capitol. Miss Laura is considered one of the most popular restaurants in Arkansas, if not the entire state.

In 1951, the AAUW became the Association of Associate Artists of Fort Smith (AAFS) and began exhibiting art and holding courses in the city. For the next four years, they exhibited every first Saturday of the month in the KFPW studios.

Today Fort Smith has about 20 public works of art, combined with some interior gems, which will be unveiled on time later this year. Public art can reflect a city's image and history, and Kolberg said that when participating artists share their artwork, FortSmith residents get the chance to export their artwork to other parts of the state and the world. Some of these artists are looking forward to it and come to Fort Smith to pay tribute to the place or create in its context, while others are creating for the future.

Two of the Fort Smith plants are located downtown, in front of City Hall and on the corner of Main Street and Main Avenue.

Fort Smith is located at the confluence of the Arkansas and Poteau rivers, also known as Belle Point, on the Arkansas-Oklahoma border. Kansas City and Southern Railway serves FortSmith with a branch connection to the main line in Potesau, Oklahoma, and Fort Smith Railroad provides transportation and local transfer services to a variety of businesses. The most famous attractions include the City Hall, the State Capitol and the Missouri State Capitol.

The symphony is conducted by the Fort Smith Symphony Orchestra, which is a professional orchestra, and other local orchestras, such as the Arkansas Symphony.

For the first three years of the festival, organizers worked with the University of Arkansas at Fort Smith to produce annual murals. In the same year that the festivals began, they opened a state-of-the-art facility that brought a developing class of young, new talent to the city.

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More About Fort Smith